ORIMA 11.0

ORIMA processes airborne GPS data , Inertial Measurement Unit and attitude data
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ORIMA is an LPS add-on providing advanced aerial triangulation and visual analysis tools. The premiere solution for frame, ADS40 and ADS80 sensors, and other digital sensors, ORIMA is proven and robust technology relied on by photogrammetry professionals around the world. Providing a strong set of analysis tools, ORIMA supports production jobs requiring high throughput.

With ORIMA, accuracy is never in question. With a superior set of tools, ORIMA allows professional photogrammetrists to reach precision while streamlining processes as much as possible. Capabilities include multiple displays during point measurement, fully automatic and multi threaded tie point measurement (APM), and semi-automatic control point measurement in stereo or mono. In addition, ORIMA now computes a correction grid for compensation of localized systematic errors.

ORIMA processes airborne GPS data and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) attitude data, including GPS-drift and IMU misalignment parameters.

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